My First days in Medical School

Due to pandemic issues our Medical schools didn’t open for about a long 3 months after MCAT but this duration in my life was somehow still the shortest period of leisure and hence finally came to an end.

I was excited and nervous at the same time about many different things. Of all those things, i was most worried about ragging from senior students and it was even worse than i thought. They were like big bullies. Though most of them seniors were nice and did ragging with us in a more fun way but still there were some who made us do things i can’t even describe. The first 3 weeks or so in our hostels were like hell.

My Med Scool

Three weeks past, I had enough time to learn about the. Med school stuff, like our books, course syllabus, module exams. I never knew if Med school would be that tough. To be honest, i literally started to hate the Medical line of career. I started to know for myself that it really is one of the toughest professionalism fields. I even started to think of getting out of this field and think of some other easy lines of works but then I’d think about all the hardships i had taken to reach this stage.”Did i pass one of the hardest entrance exams of the state just to finally quit”, I’d constantly say to myself. And that’s how i finally managed to end that cycle of thoughts and started to focus on my studies. It was not long before i realized that nothing is hard unless you don’t try it for yourself and dedicate your time and full energy towards it.

Scool Hostel

Medical school schedules are tough. You have 9 to 5 classes, then at least 4 hours of study for a day. For me, my sleep schedules were totally ruined during the long postMCAT vacations, so it was a little hard to fit into the new scedule.

For better or for worse, our School closed down due to the 3rd and more serious wave of Covid pandemic in the area and our institutions closed down for about 3 months. Now we were taught through online classes which was such a waste of time. It was even more exhausting to watch a hour long online class than to attend two hours physical lecture. This phase also passed and then three months later we were back to schools but this tine i was excited bout it. Contd……

Hostel vicinity